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Pharos Marine Automatic Power PMAPI SC35 Solar Power Lanterns

 Kami menjual lampu marine Lantern kondisi baru dan bekas, dari merk Tideland, Pharos, Carmanah, Sealite, Sabik dll.

Alamat Kami :SUNERGY INDONESIA , Alamat :  Kedungwinangun Rt 02 Rw 07 Pedana, Kec. Klirong, Kab. Kebumen. Jawa Tengah 54381 Tlp: 0896-2049-5107 Indonesia 

Untuk Pemesanan/order Silahkan Tlp/sms/WA ke: 0896-2049-5107 atau email ke: atau


The PMAPI-SC35 is a weather protected solar powered self-contained marine lantern with an LED light source that can be combined with optional GPS or IO port. It can be used as an independent operation for extensive time periods. The high intensity LEDs on a metal core PCB for maximum useful life, with flexible electronic configurations. You can use on/off shore platforms, port and harbor, aquaculture, fixed or floating structures. This marine lantern can also integrate a Satellite Module so customer can monitor the light on the Pharos Marine Automatic Power online portal.


•Configurations: SS (Standard Solar) & LS (Large Solar)
•Rugged, weather-resistant construction materials: High impact resistant polycarbonate for ice, ultraviolet exposure, salt air and seawater spray at a wide range of ambient temperatures
•High intensity, energy efficient fan beam LED array: Maximum visible range up to 7.8NM at 0.85T pending flash character in optimal conditions
•IR Remote: Powering on & off, set / retrieve configuration parameters such as flash pattern, effective intensity, day/night control, etc.
•IALA approved colors: Single color LED engine - white, yellow, red or green
•Serviceable: Battery pack is easily disconnected and replaced•Integrated bird deterrent: No additional accessories required
•Longevity - Estimated average service life of 10 years
•ON/OFF button


•Intensity control: Effective lantern intensity set on Schmidt-Clausen method
•Flash character control: 256 programmable flash characters and 2 custom flash characters
•Day/Night transition level settings: Programmable for active at all times or only after sunset. Day / Night level settings (sunset / sunrise transition) can be field programmed
•Calendar control - Programmable season on/off date
•Input protection - Lantern power input from the battery is reversed polarity protected for field repair or light head replacement
•Ripple delay - 0.05 to 12.7 seconds & master/slave sync options•Storage mode - Automatic storage mode with adjustable automatic wake up
•Programmable sleep and test modes
•Battery low voltage cutoff
•Battery voltage and internal temperature LED flashing reports, triggered by commands from the IR remote control (unit will flash 1 1 9 sequences for a 11.9 V battery for example)
•Battery voltage and internal temperature could be interrogated during day time, even when the lantern is off by the photocell control system.
•Dynamic compensation circuitry for the candela low output, based on on internal temperature, LED flash duration and LED color, to always keep the same programmed output intensity


•GPS Synchronisation: Optional internally mounted hardware will allow the lantern to flash in-sync with other PMAPI and third party lanterns that are GPS synced
•External I/O port: Allows connection to an external monitoring device or for hardwired synchronisation to other lanterns
•Charging port: Charge / recharge the battery prior to installation
•Integrated monitoring module (Globalstar Satellite Network)

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